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How might I distribute approximately 750MB of DRM free audio to paying customers?

I am planning an anthology of short stories to be released as an audiobook. I would like to distribute it independently; particularly because I'd like to price it as 'pay what you want'.

I'd like to give people a choice of MP3 or FLAC, the files would be DRM free and I would like to make the processes of payment and downloading as simple and straightforward as possible.

Is there a solution out there that I could build seamlessly into a basic AJAXified webpage? I would prefer that the files could be downloaded without having to install third party software (something like Dropbox, or a p2p client) .

I imagine the file size would be around 750MB. Is there a service like Soundcloud out there that offers a download on demand service? I would prefer, initially at least, not to have to pay anything upfront; the service provider taking a cut from the sale instead.
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Best answer: Bandcamp does all of what you are talking about. It's mainly for music, but they do have plenty of audio books as well. They support the pay what you want model, MP3 and FLAC, and you get 200 free downloads per month before you have to pay for anything. The per-track size limit starts at 291MB and goes up to 600MB once you have $20 in sales, and there is no album size limit.
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Seconding Bandcamp, sounds like it has what you are looking for.
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Best answer: If you decide not to go the Bandcamp route, I highly recommend Gumroad. Supports, pay-what-you-want, trivially embeddable in your existing webpage, super easy for customers and sellers alike. I used it to sell a couple of ebook anthologies and it's by far my favorite way to sell digital goods online—and I've used Bandcamp, Amazon, and iTunes in the past.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Gumroad looks ideal.
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