Which US bricks & mortar stores have the cheapest name brand candy?
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Halloween procrastinator getting ready for a flood of children - what bricks & mortar stores U.S. have the cheapest name brand candy? I'm trying to get desirable candy (no, not King size candy bars, but also not the crappy stuff that looks like it is on its third holiday while it is still on the shelf) for the lowest price. Thanks!
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Costco has a 5lbs+ bag of M&M, milky way, snickers, etc. for quite cheap... $14 or $15 I think?
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I would agree it would be the warehouse clubs- Costco, Sam's Club, BJ's, etc.
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Costco is my place to go - $12-$15 for a bag of about 150 pieces of brand name candy. The prices of the bags vary between the brands but none of it is generic CHOCOLATE BAR.
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Assuming the big bulk warehouses are not an option, when I was in college, Walmart had the best candy deals. There, an 8 pack of fun-sized snickers were a dollar. While that doesn't sound that amazing, a bag of fun-sized Snickers at my local non-Walmart grocery store goes for about $4, and it only has 19 fun-sized bars.
I don't know if the prices are still the same, but Target used to have the same 8 pack for $1.25 too.
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Dollar Stores have some name-brand candy.
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Walmart will be your best bet unless a local grocery store is having some sort of candy deal. Also, this time of year there are usually coupons in those newspaper inserts (Redplum, SmartSource, whatever).
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Nthing Walmart. Our office has been bringing candy to fill a communal bowl and I've been shopping all over the place for the best candy deals. I grabbed a giant bag filled with mini boxes of Nerds, Laffy Taffy and bags of Sweet Tarts. In total, there were 80 individually wrapped candies for $5.
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Seconding Aldi, worth a shot at least. They have the big bags of name-brand candy right now.

Also drugstores and grocery stores. You can look through weekly ads online. For example, CVS currently has 10-15 ounce bags of Hershey brand candy (inc. Reeses) 5/$15, and you get $5 back to use for a future purchase. You could turn right around and buy two more bags with the $5 coupon and get 5+ pounds of candy for $16. That's just one of many examples.
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A lot of regular grocery and drug stores will have Buy One/Get One Free or Buy One/Get One 50% off (CVS is doing this one.)

Scan your card at the thingy, you may get a coupon for the candy you want to get.

Publix has BOGO on Nestle and Hershey candy.
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Best answer: Dollar Tree is my go-to spot for cheap candy for Halloween. I think best deal there is the bags of Blow-Pops (9 pops for $1). $5 gets you 45 pops, which is 5 more than the 2 bags for $5 at the local Lucky supermarket.

Smart & Final (a mini-warehouse store) also has a reasonable selection of retail-sized bulk candy boxes; I got a box of 48 full-sized Sweet Pops for $6.
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No matter which store you end up going to, wait until Thursday morning when they'll have marked it all down even more.
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