Still Frame + Music = Video
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I regularly want to make videos for YouTube consisting of a single still album art image + audio track. I use OS X. I'm still looking for the best solution for this seemingly trivial task.

My "best-so-far" solution is using ffmpeg as follows:

ffmpeg -y -loop_input -shortest -i album-art.png -i song.aiff -ab 192k -vcodec libx264 -vpre normal output-video.mp4

This is pretty good! But the first few seconds of the video show terrible compression artifacts (for example) which anger and disappoint me, until the image stabilizes. I want it lovely and crisp from the first frame.

Please suggest different ffmpeg settings or a different tool. If you're thinking of suggesting iMovie, it cannot do this without mangling the image and/or audio in completely unacceptable ways, so that's out.
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I wonder if this is due to motion estimation?

This suggests -g 0 for disabling that feature.
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Response by poster: A good thought, but no, it still starts out all cruddy.
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