Computer monitor connection to a DVR/VHS, what cables do I need?
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I'm trying to save money and use an old computer monitor to display what I'm transferring on my DVR/VHS combo machine and need some help.

I have this Toshiba VHS/DVR that I bought so I could record my family VHS tapes to DVD. I liked it because it is all in one and don't need to fuss with connecting a VHS to a DVR and then to a television.

I have this old Acer Monitor sitting around that I would like to use for this process instead of going out and buying another television. I don't need this connected to an outside cable line or computer, just a connection from the monitor to the VHS/DVR.

My question is, what video cables do I need to make this happen? I have all of the original cables that came with both items as shown at the links I provided above.

(I don't need the audio - I have a separate set of speakers that I plan to plug into the audio out on the VHS/DVR.)

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this HDMI/DVI cable should do what you need.
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The Toshiba video deck appears to have only analog outputs -- RCA video, S-video and component video. It's hard to tell from the imagery in that link.

The Acer monitor appears to have an analog RGB input, and a digital DVI-D input.

So you need to convert from analog video to analog RGB, or to that DVI-D input.

I'd look into one of these analog converters:

On preview: maximum sensing, I don't think that video deck has an HDMI output.

EDIT: OK, the Toshiba link title says it has HDMI output. If you can confirm that, then this is trivial, you just need a cable. See Monoprice.
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the hdmi output connector is visible on the upper left of the vcr/dvr's rear panel.
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You could hit up free cycle or Craig's list for an analog TV for free or even less than the price of HDMI cables. People are getting rid of them all the time.
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Response by poster: this HDMI/DVI cable should do what you need.
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Nope, unfortunately that didn't work. It fit in all the right places, but I couldn't get video to show on the monitor.

Thanks anyway!
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