Music from the Northern Lattitudes sought.
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Every other year I throw a Nordic-themed winter solstice party to welcome the return of the sun. In addition to Nordic foods like Herring, meatballs, and Swedish fish I like to play music from the north. I want to branch out from Bjork, Sibelius and Abba. I have already downloaded the album from Árstíðir which was featured on metafilter. Can you suggest musicians/songs/bands/composers from Nordic countries (or from Arctic regions) that are sung in their native language rather than English?
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Is Iceland considered a Nordic country? Because Sigur Ros comes to mind.
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Paavoharju, from Finland
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Tanya Tagaq.
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Best answer: Gula Gula by Mari Boine Persen. She is Sami (formerly known as Lapp).

Iro by Värttinä. Three Finnish women.

I'd actually recommend their entire albums Gula Gula and Kokko, respectively. I have them both and like them a lot. (Which was a case of good luck, as I bought Gula Gula based solely on the cover art.)
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Best answer: Ranarim from Sweden. Absolutely wonderful music. More: 1 2 3
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The Sami group Adjágas always take me back to the Arctic.
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Best answer: Are all genres acceptable? I don't listen to music of the enchanted elves of Snowgrace Kingdom--but since you've got Abba there, I'm thinking pop, rock, and rap may work.

Veronica Maggio is sort of a Swedish Amy Winehouse (or maybe more like Duffy--there was a joke in Sweden's Sonic magazine that if you say "Veronica Maggio" three times while looking in the mirror, you'll magically get a Pinot Grigio in your hand).

Håkan Hellström is a long-established indie belter.

Kapiten Röd is Swedish dancehall.

Familijen have an electric sort of sound.

Timbuktu raps, and is good.

Daniel Adams-Ray has a sort of eighties throwback sound.

Snook is Adams-Ray's old rap duo...

with Oskar Linnros who...

produced Veronica Maggio's winningest album.

I also like Flodeklinikken from Norway
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Garmarna is a great Swedish folk-rock band.
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Lordi is Finnish.
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Best answer: You can't go wrong with Hedningarna.
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Songs from the Cold Seas is an all-time favorite.
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Music from Peer Gynt
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Well, there's the bad boys of Scandinavian folk rock, Hoven Droven. Picture a Swedish kid who grew up with posters of Hardanger fiddle players on one wall with Zep and King's X on another. There's also Anglagard, the region's premiere prog band, which should definitely cast a King Crimson chill over the proceedings.
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Best answer: I was gonna suggest Mari Boine and Värttinä myself (here, here, here some more Värttinä, all eminently danceable).

Some of Grieg's Peer Gynt might fit the bill. Also some Sibelius, for example some of the Lemminkäinen Suite, the opening movement of his Violin concerto, Tapiola etc.

On a similar note, Karoliina Kantelinen, Jarŋŋa, Sami yoiks, the kalevala
, here another one (I think if you find a beautiful reading of the English translation, that would be wonderful! It's got the most hypnotic rhythm and structure, and there is a beautiful English translation, don't remember whose). Also, Wimme Saari

Also, from the Feroe islands, Eivør Pálsdóttir.
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Yeah, Sigur Ros is a good bet here. Also Amina, who often play with Sigur Ros. They are both from Iceland. Some Sigur Ros songs are in Icelandic, and the others are in a made-up language. The music is beautiful, haunting, and powerful.

And Mum (there should be an accent over the u I think) is from Sweden.
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Music from Peer Gynt

I don't know if it will work as party music, but Aase's Death is the perfect music for standing on a glacier and watching the sun return the morning after the solstice.

Either that, or New Day Rising. Minneapolis qualifies as Nordic, doesn't it?
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Do you like metal? Oh, good....

Tyr, from the Faroe Islands. Most of their stuff is in Faroese.

Vintersorg, from Sweden! Math geek turned metalhead, he sings about things like Calculus and trees and Marie Curie. Most of it is in Swedish. And incidentally, he's also an elementary school teacher.

Both are outstanding, IMHO.
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In the folk-metal vein, why not try Finntroll, Trollfest, or for a slightly less Troll-themed twist, Korpiklaai?
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More folk metal!




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Theresa Andersson's Innan du Gar would qualify, though I have no idea what it's about. I assume it's in Swedish because she's Swedish.
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Swedish Party music?

Magnus Uggla (kung i baren.)
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Emilíana Torrini ?
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kardemimmit are a folk quartet from Finland. Listen. I recommend the album.

I had dinner with these delightful young ladies about a month ago - they may still be in the US on tour.
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Best answer: Party music people. That folk music is a drag!

Kent (Music non stop)

Tommy Nilsson (dina färger var blå)

Thomas Lundin (sommaren är kort)
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You want some Geir Jenssen (Bel Canto or Biosphere)
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How could I forget. I live two doors down from where Ted Gärdestad recorded sol, vind, and vatten!
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Do you want pop music, dance music, classical, or folk music?
A few suggestions (Swedish):

Pop music: Can't go wrong with Per Gessle, maybe Mazarin (album)
Danceband music: Vikingarna
Classical: Johan Helmich Roman
Traditional music: Johanna Grüssner & Mika Pohjola singing Swedish traditional songs
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Gyllene Tider (Sommartider)

All of mine are summer songs BTW, but no matter. No one in Scandinavia gets excited about the winter solstice and we are already mourning its rapid approach.
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Kaizers Orchestra!!!

And Ylvis
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Nthing Garmarna, Hedningarna, and Paavoharju; and indeed just about anybody on NorthSide.
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some others have mentioned the label &/or bands on it but, seriously, what you really want is the two compilations called Nordic Roots (volumes 1 & 2) from NorthSide

memail me if you would like a good mix of this Scandi awesomeness. happy to send it to you.
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Hjaltalin - popular and melodic Icelandic pop (but lots of English lyrics).
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Anna Ternheim is Swedish (but performs in English). Of Monsters and Men are Icelandic (but perform in English). First Aid Kit are Swedish (but perform in English).
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The Swede Wilhelm Stennhammar is one of my favorite little-known composers. I definitely hear the nordic-ness, if in a somewhat less outdoors-in-the-forest way than Sibelius. His Serenade is not vocal music but is pretty consummate.

He also wrote choral music like this, and songs like this.

Barbara Bonney has a nice album of songs by various Scandanavian composers; there are probably other similar compilations to be found.

And of course there are the 3 Swedish Tenors.
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There are TONS of Swedish indie-pop bands.
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Some Icelanders:

Asgeir Trausti
Prins Polo
Moses Hightower
Sykur (though they sometimes sing in English)
Snorri Helgason
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Response by poster: Awesome! I love the variety! classical, pop, rock, (dancehall?) dancehall!

Thanks everyone.
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