Need Hotel Recommendations for a Business Meeting in Midtown Manhattan
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I have been charged with organizing a 2-day meeting in NYC for approximately 23 people, all coming from out of town so I will also need sleeping rooms for about 4 nights. Can you recommend a nice hotel?

I am not located in NYC so I could use some suggestions for nice hotels in the Midtown area. The hotel needs to have a decent sit-down restaurant that serves traditional but upscale food. Something along the lines of the Waldorf or the Four Seasons, but not quite that ritzy or pricey. Not looking for a small boutique-type hotel. The meeting is likely taking place in about 4 - 6 weeks but the dates are not 100% final yet. My travel agent so far has not been much help since she focuses more on individual rather than group travel, so I thought I'd survey the green. Anyone have experience with nice, old-world style hotels with good restaurants that are business-friendly?
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All the major hotel chains have a place in midtown: Hilton, Sheraton, Marriot, Hyatt...
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the Sofitel? 45 W 44th St New York, NY 10036
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The following hotels match each of your requirements:

The Warwick (6th Ave)
Marriott Marquis (Broadway/7th Ave)
Hilton (6th Ave)
Millennium (Broadway)
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If you're looking for an old-school sort of place, you might consider the Iroquois on 44th Street. Triomphe, their restaurant, is a really nice, underrated place, and they also have a tiny perfect cocktail bar called Lantern's Keep, which is an absolute gem.

(I can't vouch for the rooms -- I'm a NYer, so am just going by food and externals, but the reviews look mostly positive.)
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Strong recommendation for Yotel - odd looking place but very cool, VERY clean, reasonably priced.
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I suggest the InterContinental Barclay. It's really gorgeous in the lobby and the rooms were super-comfy! During Hurricane Sandy, they let people bring their dogs and they turned a ballroom into a Dog Park. I'd stay there again in a heartbeat and if you talk to their meeting manager, they'll do a package deal for you that includes rooms, catering, A/V, ballrooms, breakouts, etc.

If you need an evening place that's within walking distance for dinner one night, we enjoyed The National.

While Yotel is cool, it's NOT a business-meeting hotel!
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I've had business meetings at a few Kimpton Hotels in the Portland,OR and Los Angeles. They each were unique and quite nice.

They have several locations in NY that fit your geographic area of midtown: Kimpton Hotels NYC
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You need to work from your budget. Late November to early December is the absolute peak season for Midtown because of corporate and socialite holiday parties, pre-year-end deal closing frenzy, full arts and theater calendars, etc. If your budget is under $500/night/room you are going to have to be flexible on location and amenities. I'd look in the 30s on the East Side (things like the Affinia Dumont), but I'd definitely avoid all the new mid-priced chains (Marriott Courtyard) that have gone up in the 40s on the far West Side; completely soulless and nothing to do around there.

You don't need the restaurant to be in house ... many hotels that would suit you don't have a proper in house dining room because there are ten restaurants with 90 seconds of the place.
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