Where would I source a tree trunk slice like in this advert?
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Anyone know where I could source a tree trunk slice (is that the correct phrase?) like this one http://www.etsy.com/listing/116524377/mid-century-cats-cradle-coffee-table?ref=shop_home_active in the UK?
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Best answer: You can get them reasonably cheaply from timber merchants.

Here are some sources - www.lanarkshirehardwoods.co.uk and
www.gtevans.co.uk and www.aharrisonwoodturning.co.uk. There are plenty of others.

You probably need to go and actually look at them yourself - and be prepared to pay someone to finish them - if you don't have the equipment/skills to finish yourself.
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I think they might be called live edge or natural edge boards.

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Another term that might help you is a flitch, which is usually means a natural edged slab cut lengthwise from a board. If you can find someone dealing in flitches, chances are they'd know where you could go for something like this.
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The Etsy listing says "burl," which is a particular part of the tree, I think, usually down by the roots where things get twisty or someplace where a bug made the tree bulge out similarly. In the US, one usually finds redwood burl and oak burl, but I imagine there are plenty of species with pretty and usable woods of a similar type. One of the wood dealers linked above uses the turm "burr" for what appears to be similar formations.
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This previous thread may help.
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That item is sold but assuming it's redwood burl like the shop's other listings:

Burl is a part of the root area. Some people like the grain of the wood in that area compared to other parts of the wood. Redwoods are huge, and if you want a large table from a single piece that's going to be your best bet for that type of wood. Redwoods grow in only certain areas and the wood is less available than it once was.

Here are some redwood burl slabs from a company located near where the redwoods are harvested. They ship internationally. You could have the table legs added locally, or they also sell tables.
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