Can you help me remember this book from my childhood?
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I was given this book in the early 80s. It was a large, hard covered book with beautiful illustrations. It was about a girl who visits her grandmother. While there she sees another girl outside. She takes a pram out and goes for a walk with this other little girl.

I think the girl has breakfast with her grandparents, and her grandfather has an egg in an egg holder and cracks it with a spoon. They might have eaten artichoke too.

The characters have round faces. The grandparents’ house is large, with a lot of fancy furniture. The girl at first feels lonely but later grows to like it there.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Amazon claims some of the Grandma's Attic books came out in hardcover. The publication dates work, the illustrations are nice and feature round faces, and there's one with a story about a girl, her friend, and a pram. So even though it's a wild guess, I reckon it's worth mentioning.
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Best answer: The Visit
I am positive this is it. I remember the egg cup too!
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Response by poster: You got it velebita, thank you!

And thank you Monsieur Caution, for your guess.

Here are some really great pictures, too.
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