He was kinda cute, in a bug sort of way
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What is this really, really stupid bug?

He's not too bright- walked off the edge of something multiple times, can't walk across slick surfaces (mostly just flounders pitifully), and when he falls/gets scared, curls up sort of in a little ball. We're located in southeastern VA, and have been getting a *lot* of rain recently. This is the first time I've ever seen one. His face looks like it has a face. He's about half an inch long.
Here are pictures
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Best answer: Soldier beetle larvae.
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Response by poster: First time's the charm! That's probably why I didn't recognize him, he hadn't evolved to his true form. It makes sense it's a soldier beetle-we have an aphid problem in the back yard (apparently thats what they eat!) and he was probably forced from his home due to the flooding.
Thanks, hivemind!
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