Longer Dog Leash?
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Dog Leash Longer than 6 feet? Where can I find a nylon dog leash longer than the industry standard 6 ft (not a retractable type)? Ideally I'd like 8 ft, or possibly 9. Looking for online store recommendations.
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Here's one on eBay, but it's kinda cheap.
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(Cheap in that the handle is just a loop of the rope, I mean, if that matters.)
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My local PetsMart sells them (I don't know if they are on the website). You might try looking for tie-outs or tethers, instead of leashes.
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Both dog.com and Drs. Foster & Smith carry a pretty big selection of longer leashes.
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Also look for the term "training lead" - I don't think I've seen them under 15', though.
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Also, you could try looking in the tack department or going to a store that specifies in horse tack for a lead. Those would be the appropriate length and material.
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Another option would be to go to a climbing store and get a length of nylon webbing and make your own. It's tough, and for a few minutes of work you can have something that's whatever length you want.
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depending on the size of dog we are talking about, you should be able to find a horse lead around the length you want.

obviously if we are talking tiny dog this isn't going to cut it.
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Response by poster: The training leads are 12 ft (Fosters and Smith) and 15 ft (dog.com). I need something in between! And I do have a small dog -- only 15 lbs, so I need a lightweight leash.
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Many hardware stores sell nylon belt and all the hardware. Tubular webbing is tough, unless some of the cords are cut; then it unravels. Flat nylon belt doesn't do that. The big advantage to webbing is that it's very flexible, and you could attach it to a clip, and make a handle loop, by tying knots, without any stitching. You can't do that with flat belt.
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This may sound like a horribly ugly idea, but if your dog isn't a puller, perhaps you could attach two leashes together. In major pet chains, they often have a whole display rack of leashes in the same color or pattern. You could buy one of the tiny leashes for mini dogs and hook it to the loop of a larger one. Say a 4ft to a 5ft or something similar. This only works, of course, if your dog won't be pulling the bejesus out of it. Actually, it might be decently strong. Just a thought.
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Best answer: Seriously, go to Lowe's, buy the length you want, a hasp, and some of the crushable rope stays.

For like $5 you'll have what you want, in your choice of colors, in the diameter you want.

For my SAR tracking dogs I make my own leads out of the soft nylon floating rope ~20 feet long.
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Length of rope + bowline knot = your answer
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Nylon webbing from a craft/fabric store is cheap, cheap, cheap. Defray the ends with a match, turn one end onto itself and sew into a handle. Turn the other end onto itself through a snap clip and sew. You're done. Webbing is like $1-$1.50 per yard.

I like TomMelee's crushable rope stays idea. Nice. Nylon climbing rope is like $0.60 per yard.
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Best answer: 9 foot nylon tracking lead. Make sure you tell them you want a handle on it as it comes with a marker by default, as many tracking leads do.
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I had a really good experience with this fellow. I bought a collar and a leash for my dog and (my mistake) got the wrong size collar -- he took it back happily and replaced it. I bet he would take a custom order or you could get a Tracking Leash.
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hindmost beat me to it.
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