Got any late-breaking news or tips on live music in Austin tonight?
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This last day of ACL Fest was just cancelled due to flooding... and surely some last-minute shows are being set up at bars, hotels, homes, schools, for today and tonight! Know of any gigs today or tonight, with some of the bands that were set to play??

I travelled a long way to get here for the festival, and have no local connections here in Austin to clue me in... Or know a website where I can look, or even a twitter feed I can use (though I'm new to that) using a tiny device? ;) A lot of cancelled band must be wanting to play....
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I've always been told Do512 is the best general website for finding out what's going on, though I generally just hit venue websites. The ACL website will also have some official aftershows.

If you like sushi, go to Kome and they'll give you 15% off with your wristband. It's not the $70 you'll get back from C3, but it's something and the food is delicious.
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I'm local and I was wondering the same, but I would not bet on any bigger acts rescheduling; half of the venues that have the capacity for someone like Neko Case or Phoenix already have something else booked tonight, but keep an eye on the twitter feed for the Parish downtown. This falls in the middle of a tour for most bands and they all have places to be tomorrow.
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Guess you've seen the Chronicle music listings, eh? If there was anyone you particularly wanted to see, I might check those artists' Twitter feeds - probably if they managed to reschedule somewhere in the city, they'd post there an hour or two beforehand.
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Austin Music People seems to be a good source. Check out their facebook page, which suggests Atoms for Peace and possibly Franz Ferdinand are going to play this evening.
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My husband just quoted a bunch of shows that are happening according to the Statesman, so check their site. I'm on my phone so no link.

Franz Ferdinand were awesome. I vote you see them.
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