Fun little amp for synth!
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I've been given a Bolsa Bass synth (which is rad). It's kind of an art piece by itself, so I wanted to have it out at parties, when people came over, etc. But! It needs an amp. Can you recommend a good little amp for a bassy synth like this? Something that also looks cool on its own (and complements the hot pink + wood of the Bolsa Bass) would be a major plus. And something easy. Doesn't need to deafen anyone, just sound good in an apartment-sized space. Thanks!
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Based on aesthetics alone (meaning I don't have one of these, and can't vouch for the sound), how 'bout an Orange Micro Crush?
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You might want something a bit cheaper, but this looks cool. No clue how it sounds, You'll want an amp that can handle low bass frequencies. So look for that. That Bolsa Bass looks really cute. Nice bass sound too. Tempted to get myself one to compliment my Alesis Micron.
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It might be overkill (or overbudget) but the Ampeg Micro VR mini stack is a legitimate bass rig that happens to be just adorable - it looks like a full size monster 70's SVT, but at one quarter the size. The head is about the size of a lunchbox and the cabinet is maybe 2 feet tall. I love mine, I've gigged with it quite a few times and it so small and sharp looking I leave it out most of the time.

I love mine!
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Oh, and I ought to mention it sounds GREAT, at low or high volume.
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If you can find one, an old Turbosound TXD12m speaker in "turbo blue", with a separate amplifier, would look deck.
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Considering it is a bass synth, and you aren't looking for gigging levels, a small computer speaker system with a subwoofer might sound better than a guitar amp (which aren't optimized for low bass). Something like: 1, 2, 3. The caveat is that sometimes these systems don't have a lot of 'character', although your synth might have that taken care of! Or maybe pick up a small subwoofer in addition to a small cute-looking guitar amp.

Just some ideas: you could get a used tower speaker like this at goodwill, and a cheap small amp like this and use the tower speaker as a stand for the synth.
ZT lunchbox amps are kind of cute, and fit the metal enclosure aesthetic of the synth.
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The Fender Champion 600 linked to by AppleTurnover is a newer "limited edition" model, but a couple of years ago the regular one went for $99. You may be able to find one on ebay or craigslist for a reasonable price.
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Yamaha THR10
This little amp looks and sounds great in the living room.
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Fender Pawn Shop

Yamaha THR5

Probably not a ton of bass, but do you need a ton of bass?
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