DIY granite repair
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How do I fix a small dent/depression in my granite countertops?

I was re-sealing my counters, when I noticed two small depressions - maybe 1.5mm long x .5mm deep. No idea how they got there, but I want to fix them to mitigate them maybe getting bigger. Can I do this myself? Are there long term DIY solutions?

This is a lightish granite - mostly grayish, with flecks of white, black and dark purple, in "high traffic" areas (near the sink).
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A good place to ask this question would be the Kitchen forum on Gardenweb, there are many stone fabricators who participate and would likely have some suggestions for you.

Edited to add: you're more likely to get feedback there if you post a picture of the area with your question.
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My sister tripped and smashed her crockpot insert into her sink chipping the granite edge pretty badly on the way. The company that installed her granite sent someone to do the repair using some kind of epoxy process (I think), and you can't tell it was ever chipped. Not sure about a DIY solution that would be satisfactory but try calling your (or an) granite installer. I don't think it cost her very much to get it fixed.
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Here are two pages that describe the process. It's not very hard, especially if the breaks are small.
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