Where to donate because of WIC shutdown?
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What is the best nonprofit to donate to who will reach the same population as the WIC program?

My employer is putting together a donation and we're looking for the best organization to work through. We're located in Portland, Oregon.

Organization doesn't need to be local to us, but it does need to be secular. Focus on mothers and children are preferred.
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Here's a list.

Don't be too fussy about this, most folks at any food bank are mothers and children. It sort of smacks of the "deserving poor".
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WIC is administered at the state level and most of them are still open. Oregon's WIC program is still functioning.

I'd share the link to every state's WIC program but it's on a federal government web page and those are currently inaccessible. *grumble*

USDA has a contingency plan for states that don't have enough money to keep going, like Arkansas. USDA is working with WIC State agencies to use all available funding resources to provide benefits to participants. FNS will be allocating both contingency and carryover funds to State agencies for use in operating their FY 2014 WIC Program, in addition to other available funds. Should a lapse extend through late October, federal WIC funding may not be sufficient to cover benefits.

Oh. Utah has shut down their WIC offices, so maybe try there? Although something tells me there are more Bishop's storehouses in Utah. But maybe there are more needy secular organizations there too?

How about the Utah Food Bank?
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Check your memail.
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A friend of mine is gathering info on shutdown-related WIC resources, with specific lists for each state, at http://www.feministhulk.net/wic-and-shutdown-where-to-get-baby-food-and-formula.html. I hope this is helpful!
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