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I'm here in NYC and searching for a bakery that I came across on a previous visit while wandering around the city right before a hurricane. I'm pretty sure it was in Midtown or the UWS. What's special about this bakery is that everything they sell was made that day, and what's left over at the end of the day is always donated. Based on that description, can you help me? All my extensive searching has yielded no matches.
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The difficult thing about that is that pretty much every decent bakery in NYC makes everything fresh that day and donates the rest to City Harvest. Do you remember any other detail about it?
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Response by poster: None at all. I realize it may be pretty vague, but this place specifically advertised that fact in plain sight in big letters. And I had not seen it be that visible before.
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Best answer: this place specifically advertised that fact in plain sight in big letters

Hmm... could it have been a Pret A Manger? They make a huge deal out of this and have lots of visible signage declaring "Made Today, Gone Today" and such.
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Response by poster: Pret A Manger looks like it. I even narrowed down their locations to the ones I could have possibly walked by, and yup. Thanks!
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Off topic, but just for the record, donating leftovers is not unusual for bakeries. Pret a Manger is not a cute little UWS bakery. It's a colossal UK-based fast food chain that happens to sell bread-based food, that has recently expended to the US. If treats its staff weirdly and fails to pay them a living wage.
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