may his passing cleanse the world
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I recently ran across a cartoon, late at night. It showed a pony or donkey with some sort of problem, and was sort of my-little-pony-ish, but the last frame of the cartoon was a giant sandworm from Dune coming out of the ground and eating the pony, and the ritual saying of the Dune Fremen, "Shai-hulud, may His passing cleanse the world." It was literally the best thing ever, especially since I am rereading Dune. Can anyone find it for me?
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Believe it's this.
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Ha! I give you a ringlet of water and thank you!
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is it just me, or do Donkey's hooves look a little... ummm...
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It's just you.
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I didn't know how much I needed this until I saw it.
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