Disherwasher safe DIY Pint glasses
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I am looking for recommendations for decal paper that is durable and dishwasher safe for use on pint glasses or other options for DIY dishwasher safe pint glasses.

I want to be able to print my own design and attach it to a pint glass. Some things I am looking for is it to be clear paper, dishwasher safe/sturdy, and a bonus if it is simple or easy to do. I want to make like 60 glasses, so if the paper is cheap that is good too, but quality is more important to me.

If you have any other alternatives to decal paper, then I would be happy to know about it.

Also is there any process that is better than the other in terms of using laser printer decals vs inkjet decals vs 2 step process involving a laminate waterproof cover for a non-waterpoof paper?
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If you have any other alternatives to decal paper, then I would be happy to know about it.

You can always use glass etching cream and a stencil. Obviously you can only do one color that way, but it's completely permanent.
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What's your budget and timeframe? Do you already have the glasses? At that quantity you're getting close to the minimum quantities for promo items, and pint glasses are pretty cheap. For example these at 4imprint have a minimum of 72 for $2.19 each.
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Response by poster: I have 8 months before I would need them, but plan on testing various packs sooner. I don't have any supplies yet and I would actually need 2 designs so effectively 30 glasses for each design. I am not against professionally getting them done if it is cheap enough which 2.19 sounds like a good price! For budget I am not too sure depending on what the best deal is, but probably $200 is upper limit.
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The Mrs. And I did this for our wedding. We got a rubber stamp made of the pattern and mounted in in a piece of plywood. Then we blotted glass etchant onto it with a sponge and rolled the glasses over it. You can use glass paint too, but you have to bake the glasses later. Etchant lasts longer than the paint, but the paint held up well.
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Have you considered glass etching? I'd done this on some martini glasses and they have held up beautifully to everything except clumsiness and gravity.
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