Fortune-tellin magazines: who they is?!
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Green clan members: please help me identify those magazines / newspapers / quarterlies that have been (and probably still are) particularly prescient.

On that same token, which publications seem to repackage conventional wisdom of the times?

Topics: politics, technology, education, business, social issues, social science, hard science, etc.

Not looking for academic journals.

Print and/or online.

Nuances within publications are very welcome (e.g., XYZ publication is slanted towards issues regarding A, but prescient regarding B and C).
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The Economist has a habit of saying "the situation in thus and such a country is volatile, and riots could break out at any point." Followed six months later by a TIME Magazine article saying "No one saw the riots coming..."
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Another vote for The Economist.

Also, scanning the headlines/main pages of the New York Times (in print or on the web) can be useful, I've found, for business trends.

UTNE Reader gives a good overview of the alternative press, and touches on many social/technology/applied science issues before the more popular, mainline press discovers them.
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