What is the name of this book that offers financial advice in a neat way
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At the airport a while back, I stumbled onto this book written I think by the people at MSN Finance. The book was called something like "Do this or that?" and the arrangement was as follows. A question was posed such as "Should I rent or stay with my parents to save on rent?" and two colorful pages were devoted to explaining which option was better. Another such question was "Should I rent or buy" as well as "Should I pay monthly for a gym membership or pay everything at all once." Its structure was similar to what one saw in those "Eat This Not That Books" that are so popular among dieters. The book I am talking about is fairly new and probably pretty popular as it was one of the titles at this airport I visited a month ago. The book was in hardback and had lots of colorful pictures. Thanks
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Best answer: Worth it, not worth it, by Jack Otter?
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Response by poster: Yep. that's the one. I kept searching for it with a "Do This/Don't Do That" approach to the title and it was always off.

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Kiplinger's has a Do This or That? column, and it looks like they had an issue devoted to it in 2011. Maybe the book is related.
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