Half a weekday in DC
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Hello D.C. Mefites. Later this month I'll have half a Monday to spend in D.C. The rest of the week I'm working until dinner time. I'm flying into Reagan around noon on a Monday. I'd like to cram as much Capital type stuff into the afternoon as I can. Any suggestions on what to do? A friend has suggested I rent a bike and cruise around the Mall, monuments, etc. Also, I run and would like to run two or three time the week I'm there. Any suggested multi-mile routes near the Pentagon or Crystal City area? I'm completely unfamiliar with the area, but would really like to avoid the hotel treadmill.
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Capital Bikeshare is pretty cool, and there's a daily option where you just swipe your credit card. (Details here)

The upside of this is that you can just return the bike to any stand, and not worry about getting it back to a rental place. It's not great for long trips, though. It's better for 30 min to an hour, to sightsee to one location, then another short trip to another location.
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the national mall is about 4 miles around (iirc), and has metro stops. You could take the yellow line from the pentagon across to the mall for runs. Or you could just run from the pentagon area to the mall, which is a few miles by itself.

Touristy stuff, I generally love the Smithsonian and the monuments, all on the mall. We walked, mostly. The museums generally need to be done during the day, but the monuments are impressive at night as well.
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I'm assuming you're at the Marriot but regardless you can jog over along and around Arlington Cemetary. You can also get over to the GW Parkway and run along it.

If you want a long enough run you can run up to the Cemetary and over the bridge to the mall.
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If you are going to be around Crystal City, there is an entrance to the Mt. Vernon trail nearby. It's rather scenic (for the most part) and stretches on for several miles in both directions. I used to run it all the time when I lived in Pentagon City. If you are feeling ambitious, you can take the trail all the way to the Lincoln Memorial. That'll probably put your run into the double digits.
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Just to be clear, you can't jog IN the CEMETERY.
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Seconding the Mt. Vernon trail. If you take it toward the Lincoln Memorial, it takes you right by the runways of National (I'll never call it Reagan) and the planes are almost literally on top of you as they take off and land, for a cool experience. When I spent some time at Pentagon City, I often walked to the Lincoln Memorial and then metro'd back. It is a crowded trail, though.
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Yeah, came in to add what atomicstone said: no jogging or biking in Arlington Cemetery.

You'll probably be better off focusing on the Mall for sightseeing, or the Mt. Vernon trail for exercise --- if you're scheduled to land at noon you're unlikely to hit DC before 1pm-ish; just remember that most of the museums will close around 5-6pm, and our mis-named rush "hour" pretty well runs from 4pm to 8pm, give or take.
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I've done the bikeshare thing from the Crystal City area. Check out Google Maps with Bicycling option turned on to find the trails that will take you there (and are also good for running). Also, there is a residential area just west of Crystal City that would be good for running.
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Just to be clear, you can't jog IN the CEMETERY.

Correct; I should have been more explicit than just saying 'around.' But you can go by it and to the Iwo Jima memorial.
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Mt. Vernon Trail was awesome! Bikeshares was super handy, but mostly I just ended up walking and Metro-ing everywhere.

Thanks all for the help.
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