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Is there a service that will let me plug in things I want ("empire waist dresses", "cardigans") that will send me deals for items I like without bothering me with other crap?

I perennially buy the same clothes. I don't follow fashion trends.

Instead, I want to, for example, buy cardigans in three colors when they are on sale. Or look at what's available in empire waist dresses and buy one every few months. Ideally, the system would know my size and only send me things that are available to ship right now in that range.

I don't care about anything other than this. I don't want to follow blogs or trends or see what's new. I don't want to go to stores and shop.

I will buy from any store that has reasonable quality and style that allows me to do this without any fuss. I will also buy from an aggregator, or one-time sales site, or similar. I prefer mid-range clothes for younger women, but am happy if this will work for anything from luxury to fairly inexpensive clothes.

I would pay a fee for a service that would let me do this.

(I'm in the US at the moment, but if there's a good site elsewhere, I might consider using it and shipping to a friend.)

Does this exist?
posted by carolinaherrera to Clothing, Beauty, & Fashion (5 answers total) 12 users marked this as a favorite might work for this. Takes some upfront effort, though.
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Ebay can do this, if you work the advanced search functions.
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Polyvore is a great aggregator of tons of different stores that allows you to search, browse by category, limit by price/sale status, etc.
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You could try Shop It To Me which does almost what you want (you enter brands, clothing items, sizes and it sends you personalized sale alerts), or you could get an online personal shopper to do something like that for you but way more specific to your needs.

None of the websites I know of can do "empire waist dress" but many can do "dress, size 6, under $300, of these 8 brands). To get only empire waist dresses, you might have to employ a real person to do that filtering for you.
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Shopstyle is definitely what I would recommend for this--I just plugged in the super vague search term 'black ballet flats' and there's the option to set up sales alerts right there or refine things further. I have used Shopstyle for this kind of search before, but without setting up the alerts, so I can't say whether they're naggy about that. They have a pretty healthy universe of brands (I've seen everything from thousand dollar designer shoes to links to stuff sold at Payless) and their refining techniques work pretty well, so were I you I'd definitely check it out.
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