A mariachi cover of Billy Joel's "Piano Man"... but who made it?
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In August of 2000, I was visiting Mountain View, CA on a work trip, and one evening, we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. They were playing mainly mariachi music, and a song came on, a cover of Billy Joel's "Piano Man", but in a mariachi style, with spanish lyrics. I asked someone what was playing and they said it was a muzak-like system, and that they didn't know song names and such... I've been searching off and on since then, but haven't found it. Does anyone know anything about this? It was a really enjoyable cover, and really funny, being that there was no piano in the song...
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There's an Ana Belen version.
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Was it violins and trumpets mariachi style? Male or female vocalist?

I could find an old version in guitar by Mexicanto. There's also this version by Oscar Cruz, but it has piano, and I think it was recorded in the last 2 years.
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I need to clarify; there was no piano at all. It was guitars and trumpets style mariachi. Very "traditional" sounding... it wasn't as modern as some of these..

The Mexicanto version is close, but not quite the one I remember...
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