How I Joined Black Flag - Spoken Word?
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When I was a teenager I heard a spoken word track about how someone came to be in the band Black Flag and I've been fascinated by it ever since. I presume it's Henry Rollins but if it is I've not been able to find out which track it is.

The only other things I can remember are it was quite long, and I think the person had a deep, gravely voice. Any ideas?
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Probably the audio version of the book Get In The Van by Henry Rollins. Good stuff!
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Yep, pretty sure it's Get In The Van.
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That's it, thanks!
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Also, they have a fun FB page, they unearth a lot of old stuff and also stuff from bands they played with or were influenced by ...
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I am getting old --- there is an audio version of this book???? :P

Have to bring out Spotify and go through some old memories.

Thanks for a reminder! Fun Fact - Henry Rollins has done a lot more than spoken word - numerous TV and movie credits, especially fun to watch as part of Sons of Anarchy plot line for a season and other appearances.

IMDB here.
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An excerpt from this audiobook appears in a "Best Show On WFMU" skit, "Bob from Newbridge Offers Unique Takes on Current Events."

"But it was the Flag calling..."
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