Basic, easily updatable photo-heavy web site?
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It's time to create a better website for our store. What are the best options for a non-techy site that are free/cheap?

Right now we're using one of the templates on Intuit. It's pretty bare bones.

We'd like something that looks a little better aesthetically, can easily be updated (photos of new items, primarily) and ideally would incorporate a blog. The goal would be to showcase new items, with the blog complementing that content either via longer stories ("here's how to make this chandelier work in your office") or other complementary content.

Is Wordpress the way to go or is there a better solution for this?
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Best answer: Simple (yet powerful) and relatively inexpensive? Squarespace has been getting great reviews.
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I use weebly. The results have been fantastic, it's very easy to use, it's free and in 2 years they have yet to have any issues or downtime that I am aware of.
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Some of the paid Tumblr themes are really nice.
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Best answer: The two other obvious choices would be:

Something on with a custom domain. There are lots of nice themes on there. Or you could set up your own Wordpress installation and use themes from someone like WooThemes or Elegant Themes.

A Shopify shop. They've got lots of themes too. They've not massively inexpensive, but it's one of the best hosted options if you're looking for ecommerce.
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