Looking for a replacement for Googledocs
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O hai! I'm a Google avoider. I've managed to not use Gmail, and to stop using Google as a search engine. I do have a Google account, but I use a separate browser to log into that, and log out and close the browser when I'm done. My online Google-avoiding life would be complete if only I could find a good replacement for Googledocs, preferrably free.

What I'm looking for: online collaborative document editing and sharing, with the possibility of keeping documents hidden from those who aren't logged in. It needs to have some formatting options, and to have some kind of protection against data loss through accidental simultaneous editing.
It would be great if it were something that can be viewed and used inside a webbrowser.
If four or five people could use it, that would probably be enough.

What I'm not looking for: a discussion on the reasons to avoid or not to avoid Google.

Is there anything you can recommend me looking at? I'd appreciate it.
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Best answer: I would look into Editorially.
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Best answer: etherpad and fengoffice both have open source, self-hosted versions. fengoffice has a for-pay hosted version.
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What about document editing using Office or similar, with files saved in Dropbox, and accessed via the web?
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Best answer: Zoho.
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Best answer: Depending on why you are avoiding Google, Microsoft has a similar suite available as SkyDrive.
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SkyDrive is pretty sweet. I would totally use it more but none of my clients understand how to use it.
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Best answer: I had been using Google Docs but got frustrated with its limitations. I gave Zoho a shot, but IME its usability was about the same as Google, so no better.

I'm currently having good luck with LibreOffice documents saved in Dropbox.

Depending on your editing needs, you could also try Evernote. It was mostly working for me, but I kept running into hiccups when trying to open the docs (but I think that was due to my own setup, not necessarily due to Evernote issues).
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Response by poster: Thank you all, plenty of options to look at. This really helped!
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