NYC clothing for the Gentleman of Leisure
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We will be coming to New York City over Columbus Day weekend and I find myself with some free time to do some shopping. I would like to know about a) men's online retailers with a brick-and-mortar NYC presence and b) your finest vintage shops.

As a gentleman of leisure and distinguished taste (and relatively unusual size) I would like to use our upcoming trip to the city as an opportunity to size myself for the many online retailers purveying their wares to such dapper gents as myself. Many of these shops have flagship stores in the more major metropolitan areas, and I would like to seek these places out to find the proper sizes I require for their clothing. Can you identify men's clothiers that:
-have a major online presence (as in, most or all of their stock is available for purchase on the Internet)
-have a retail store in New York
-preferably have someone around who will take measurements and provide sizing advice

I am looking specifically for suits, blazers, button-down shirts, and trousers with a relatively traditional cut (not too fashion-forward/skinny/etc).

I would also like to know where to find vintage/used stores selling same. I have been to Ina on Prince St. and found a wonderful suit there last time but found most of their stock too trendy for my tastes. Think tweeds and high-waisted pants. More interested in suits, jackets, formal wear, and accessories from vintage retailers.
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I should also mention that we are coming from Boston, so we do have the vast majority of chain retailers available in our fair city. I really want only-in-New-York opportunities.

I am also not afraid to organize a men's shopping meetup if necessary (looking at you, Whelk).
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Freeman's Sporting Club is clearly made for you.
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Charles Tyrwhitt for shirts, ties, etc. Available online with a great return policy. I may not have purchased a suit from them yet but that doesn't mean I'm not planning to.

Vintage stores are tougher--I've never found one in NYC that I've actually liked (failing either on stuff I want or stuff I can afford).
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There is a bonobos guide shop. You have to make an appointment for the time you want to go in.
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If you want to say more about what "unusual size" means, we might be able to recommend places that are especially good for people who are tall/short/big/small/round/square/triangular/whatever.
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A) Century 21 is a great place to try on suits and get a crazy NYC shopping experience, and the brands there you will be able to find online if not the store itself.
I'd ordinarily recommend Uniqlo for basics but they do run skinny.
Bonobos are good pants for men with bigger thighs or butts than your average hipster.

B) The Housingworks thrift stores usually have some interesting menswear.
For vintage try Amacord or David Owens.
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There is a bonobos guide shop. You have to make an appointment for the time you want to go in.

Not that I would dissuade anyone from going to Bonobos (full disclosure: my brother-in-law works there), there is also a "guideshop" in Boston.
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This week's New York Magazine has a whole spread on the best places to shop for upscale menswear. Can't link it right now but perhaps you could pick up a copy in Boston.
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I go to Uniqlo every time I'm in the city to pick up stuff for my work wardrobe.
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trawling through may help.
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