What are some excellent investing blogs?
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Looking for good investing blogs focused on value investing, but also investing blogs in general.

Two blogs I really enjoy:


I enjoy them because they discuss fundamentals of different companies. The first I really enjoy because he does historical retrospectives on stocks, showing what someone would have earned had they invested early, and the ups and downs of famous companies. The second I find very educational when it comes to valuation. I just discovered the second when his valuation of Tesla made the rounds.

Not really interested in technical analysis/charts or news analysis that reads gossipy (Wall Street Cheat Sheet is kind of my example for that.) Very interested in discussion of individual stocks.

Disclaimer, I know, I know ... index funds. Most of my retirement money is in Vanguard index funds, this is just a hobby/for fun.

Thank you!
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Funny, I worked with the guys from Wall St Cheat Sheet a while back and gossipy is a good description.

That said, alephblog is an interesting blog. A possible note of caution: the guy who runs it is a conservative Christian, but the vast majority of his writing has nothing to do with his beliefs. Most of it is about value investing and fundamental analysis.
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Every single post on the front page of jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com is about gold. That is not value investing.
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Regular reports from deep value investment firms, including Longleaf Partners, Vulcan Value Partners, and Clipper Fund, may also provide some insight to you. They often discuss individual companies in their funds' portfolios, their related valuations and how they arrived at them.
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