Places to stop between New York and Chicago
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Looking for interesting things to see and do between NY and Chicago.

My boyfriend and I will be driving from New York to Chicago in a couple weeks, and we're looking for fun/interesting things to do on the way. We'll be taking highway 80 to Cleveland, then highway 20 to Illinois, but we're willing to take short detours. We're both pretty geeky (into science/tech) and enjoy museums and nice outdoor areas, so suggestions along those lines are particularly welcome. We'll be staying in Cleveland for a couple nights, so we're also looking for things to do there. Suggestions for motels (basic, good value) are also welcome.
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If you or people you know are vegetarians, you have probably heard of the Moosewood cookbooks - the Restaurant itself may be a stop on the way.

Check out the Roadside America maps for New York, Ohio and Indiana.
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Check out Atlas Obscura and Road Trippers. They'll have awesome stuff for you along the way.
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If you guys are into beer, Three Floyds might be worth a stop before finishing on into Chicago.
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In Cleveland, for a day thing, I recommend the Great Lakes Science Center for a little geeky fun that isn't (too) pricey. I really love spending time there and even though I only live a couple hours away, I never get there enough.
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Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky is right on the way.

And though it would be (just!) an hour out of your way, two of the most fascinating attractions in the USA are the Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, just outside Detroit in Dearborn, MI. They are really not to be missed.
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Some interesting things along the way:

Hershey Park, Hershey, PA - fun amusement park.

Fallingwater - a Frank Lloyd Wright house in western PA. Absolutely amazing.

Cleveland's West Side Market

Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH - amusement park with some of the top roller coasters in the world
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Thirding Cedar Point! If you want a place to stay nearby, I recommend Maumee Bay State Park -- they have a nice lodge there, as well as camping, etc.
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There's an 1812 exhibit at the Toledo museum of art ( which is a gem in its own right).
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The Cuyahoga Valley National Park between Cleveland and Akron is absolutely beautiful. It also includes Cleveland Metroparks and Summit County Metroparks. It includes large stretches of the Erie Canal at places like Deep Lock Quarry. My personal favorite is The Ledges at Virginia Kendall State Park.
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The Cleveland Museum of Art is AMAZING. (Natural history museum, Botanic Garden and more are all right there--park once, go to all). Greenhouse Tavern and Deagan's for food (yell for more, or more specific recommendations in the Cleveland area, we are big food nerds).

Nthing the West Side Market, don't miss that! Cute shops just south of Lorain on W. 25th by the market including Room Service and Salty not Sweet.
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Do you like beer? If so, you should stop at Three Floyds!
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The Corning Museum of Glass is remarkably cool. About 80 miles north of Interstate 80.
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Thirding Three Floyds and seconding Fallingwater.
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If your schedule puts you in Cleveland on Saturday, October 5th, you can sign up to tour the NASA Glenn Research Center's Telescience Support Center.
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The Studebaker National Museum is located in South Bend, Indiana (just a few blocks from Route 20) if that sounds appealing.
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We'll be staying in Cleveland for a couple nights, so we're also looking for things to do there. Suggestions for motels (basic, good value) are also welcome.

If you don't already have lodging in Cleveland, The Cleveland Hostel is inexpensive and located near the many-time aforementioned West Side Market.
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