What are Cowled children?
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I am looking for information on "cowled" children, that is, children born with a defect characterized by a loose flap of skin attached to the forehead.

As a pup, I was told stories concerning such children which regarded them as saintly, such as the Catholics regard stigmatics. In college, I read a book which mentioned them, the title of which I've forgotten. I haven't been able to find anything on Google, anyone have any info on this phenomena or perhaps suggestions as to research material?
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Best answer: The word you're looking for is caul. IIRC there was an Orson Scott Card book where a cauled child figured prominently.
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Response by poster: Holy cow, you rock! Thanks.
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The cauled child figures somewhat in Giants in the Earth, too.
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Just to be clear, a caul is not something that is attached to the body: it's the membrane that surrounds a mammalian fetus: the amniotic sac. Sometimes babies are born with it intact, which was (is?) considered auspicious.
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the kid in the shining had one, too
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My Dad was born with a caul. He still has it in an envelope. I can't imagine there's much left of it after 70 years. It isn't a defect. Once it's removed (they just pull it off according to g'mother) you can't tell the cauled from the caulless.
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For more on the legendary/saintly tip, check out Carlo Ginzburg's Night Battles, about the Benandanti: "good" witches who wore their birth caul (twisted into a rope) round their neck while they fought the "bad" witches of the devil. The Grimms' also have a bunch of tales turning upon the nine-lives kind of luck the caul-born enjoyed. Finally, more than you ever wanted to know.
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There's also a great Alan Moore CD and a related comic book illustrated by Eddie Campbell, both titled The Birth Caul.
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The Orson Scott Card book, by the way, was Seventh Son, first in the Alvin Maker series. (The caul figures into the story in later books as well.)
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My mom was born with a caul. She was also the seventh daughter of a daughter, which made it even more impressive. Irish Catholics - what can I say? The story is that the caul was sold for a lot of money. In Ireland, cauls were traditionally packed into matchboxes for sale. Travelling salesmen used to pay a lot of money for them, because they believed that they brought them luck. My mom's was worth a lot more, because of the 7x7 mysticism.
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For what it's worth, Charles Dickens' autiobiographical hero, David Copperfield was also born with a caul.
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