Contemporary examples of political "psychogeography"
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Hi there, I am currently writing about psychogeography, the practice of "urban wandering" developed by the Situationist International. I am aware of the rather fluffy literary work of Iain Sinclair, Peter Ackroyd, Will Self etc. that is often lumped in with the Situationists writings, but I I am interested in finding about contemporary examples of political psychogeography. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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If you get nothing else, this may help- a little. Kurt Braunohler does more social psychogeography which he talks about in this podcast. He specifically mentions Urban Disorientation Game, the influence of the Situationist, and some other activities that are linked to in the notes on the podcast page.

Probably lighter than what you are looking for, but perhaps a helpful starting point.
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Amsterdam based artist/archivist/activist Tjebbe van Tijen has made several psychogeography themed works. Look around at his website Imaginary Museum Projects. Or read his blog, The Limping Messenger.
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The Barbican has a show coming up, Urban Wandering – Film and the London Landscape.
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The work of Owen Hatherley strictly speaking isn't psychogeography, but it certainly is political, and he has the odd (mostly critical) thing to say about it along the way. There also look to be one or two (other) PhD students in the UK whose work touches on the political aspects of psychogeography ...
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Neil Smith's writing on geography and urbanism.

In a much less academic, but still explicitly political, vein Rebecca Solnit.
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Was about to recommend Solnit as well, even her works that aren't about cities, like Savage Dreams.
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Here's a working link for Neal Smith:
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