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I'm not a big NFL fan but have joined a pool "cause I have to". I figure if I can get basic stats: offense/defense/QB rankings, injuries...I won't embarrass myself too much. Any help would be appreciated.
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Is your pool online? Most fantasy sites have pretty exhaustive information. I am using Yahoo Sports for my fantasy league but have done CBS Sports in the past.

I'd also recommend watching SportsCenter, at the very least on Sunday and Mondays (for pre-game and post-game info and analysis). They'll cover the highlights and I can get pretty invested even in sports I don't care about if I watch enough SportsCenter to start to learn who the major players are.
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Years ago when I was in the same situation I picked my teams by which city I’d rather visit, etc. I did much better than average, I think I was 3rd in the office.
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A lot of it is sheer luck, I did better at fantasy football when I didn't pay attention than when I did. Just don't forget to swap out guys when their team has a bye week because they're not playing. Football Outsiders does their own thing with stats but it might be worth checking out. However I remain convinced that there is very little payoff to taking this seriously enough to worry about stats! It can't hurt to draft a good QB and RB though, the site itself ought to have something like suggested draft rankings of the top players (I used Yahoo when I did play, their stats worked fine for the purpose).
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Important clarification: Are you doing fantasy football, where you're doing a draft of players and have points tabulated based on how those players do, or are you just doing a pool where you pick the winners of the games (whether it includes the spread or not)?
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