Where, and if, to get old 35mm film developed?
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I have some film rolls from several years ago and I'd like to see if it's still good. I'm not sure where in the Atlanta area to get them developed.

I found several rolls of exposed 35mm film sitting in a bag in a corner of my basement. If they are what I think they are, they would have been shot about 8 years ago. Some cursory googling tells me they might not be a total loss, given that they've stayed in a dark and relatively cool environment for at least the past few years, but they may need some extra attention during development.

I can't even remember the last time I got a roll of film developed though, let alone one with special needs. Can anyone recommend a place to go in the Atlanta area that both develops 35mm and could give this batch some extra care?
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Best answer: I know pros who go to Dunwoody.
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Best answer: Costco.
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Best answer: 8 years isn't so bad, I'd just bring it to the closest minilab and have them process it normally
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Best answer: Alternatively, you could have them process just one roll, and depending on how that comes out, develop the rest accordingly. Most drugstore/1-hour minilabs won't be able to deviate much from the standard developing times though (they almost always technically can, but it depends on whether the person working in the photo department knows how or is willing to)
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Best answer: I just got a boat-load of oooold rolls (15+ years old) rolls developed at my local Walgreens.
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When I had this same situation, with a lot of old film, I went to E6. I was going to recommend them, but they’ve apparently closed.

I don’t know how much difference it made, but a lot of mine turned out fine. Some of it was 15 years old.
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Ditto -- I just took several rolls up to Walgreens, too. Some were up to 15 years old, and the quality for most of the pics was good. They'll even toss it on a CD for you, though I waited to do that until I saw whether I wanted the photos.
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Costco. They do a really good job and can put your film onto CD after they develop it too. They put nice high quality files onto the digital CD also.
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