Tense but catchy '80s-esque synth-pop
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Help me discover more music with that semi-creepy, edgy, yet also catchy and melodic (i.e. not too experimental) quality of certain '80s pop/new wave/prog artists. Looking for kind of the same feel of "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" by Genesis or "What I See" by Planet P Project (and props to MeFi for pointing me at the latter). Instrumentals OK, but again, must be catchy.
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Einstein A Go Go is catchy like ebola.
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Best answer: Ultravox, Mr. X.
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Maybe some Rupert Hine?
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I take it you're aware of Berlin.

Murray Head, One Night in Bangkok.

Real Life, Send Me an Angel.

Trolling the youtube sidebar generated from viewing a lot of these links will likely be productive.
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The Cars: Candy-O
Grace Jones: Nightclubbing
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You mention "tonight tonight tonight", but that's fairly tame for Genesis-being-creepy from the 80's - so just in case you're unaware with some of their earlier oeuvre - check out "Mama" from the "shapes" album (the one with the yellow plastic toys on it) or "Man On The Corner" from "abacab".
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Maybe not obscure enough, but Somebody's Watchin' Me and The Ghost In You were the first ones to come to mind.
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Shriekback had some rather interesting atmospheric minor-key songs mixed in with their upbeat synth-funk stuff.

"This Big Hush" "Faded Flowers" and "Coelocanth" from the 1985 album "Oil & Gold" really stand out.
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Ok, it's 1979, but I feel like the synthesizer paranoia of Cars, by Gary Numan might do the trick ("Here in my car, I feel safest of all, I can lock all my doors..").
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New Order is mostly known for their upbeat, happier-sounding stuff, but their first album Movement is much darker and more tense than their later stuff.
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Following up on Devils Rancher's (excellent) recommendation of Ultravox's Mr. X, I would suggest Ultravox in general is likely to be right up your alley, especially their last album with John Foxx, Systems of Romance (The Quiet Men, Just for a Moment) and their first two with Midge Ure: Vienna (Mr. X, Vienna, Passing Strangers) and Rage in Eden ( The Thin Wall, The Voice, Rage in Eden).

Visage, Fade to Grey and The Damned Don't Cry (Visage also included Midge Ure and fellow Ultravox bandmate, Billy Currie)

Gary Numan's "Machine" albums: Replicas (Are 'Friends' Electric?, Down in the Park -- I first saw this video late one night when I was about 11 or 12, and it simultaneously terrified me and blew my mind); The Pleasure Principle (Cars, Metal), and Telekon (This Wreckage, Remember I Was Vapour)
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Oh, and for ridiculously catchy: Split Enz, I Got You
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Best answer: Shriekback, "Nemesis"
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This may be a useful resource: what are your favorite obscure creepy 80s songs?
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In case you don't already know about it, Planet P ( alias Tony Carey) has another creepy song called Why Me that is not to be missed.

Also, the aforementioned John Foxx has a creepy solo song with video called Underpass.

( Tony Carey's solo song Fine Fine Day is not especially creepy, but everyone should listen to it anyway.)
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Another one - Siouxsie and the Banshees Spellbound.
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The The, "The Sinking Feeling"
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Strangelove by Depeche Mode definitely fits this description, especially around 1:07.
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Huge swathes of OMD should fit the bill admirably in relation to what you described. Pretty much anything off the first 4 albums should do the job. Here's a wee taster for you: Motion and Heart, which originally featured (in a slightly different version) on their second album, Organisation.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody--I had a hunch MeFi would not disappoint :)
Already getting pretty into Ultravox and Shriekback, neither of which I was familiar with by name until now.
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Young Marble Giants.
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