jam my jam jars please
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i have recently gotten into making natural homemade skincare products and i bought these cute jam jars. i may well go crazy and start giving them as gifts to people. since this is for cosmetics i'm wondering are regular 1-piece lids available to purchase somewhere? i haven't found any so far. or, is there a way to make the lid stick to the band so it works in one piece? i'd like to not permanently alter the lid in case someone wants to reuse the jar for canning. as i'm sure you can guess i don't make preserves, or even cook really. thanks!
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Ball jars are not going to work too well. If you want something pretty, take a look at Weck jars, which use clips to hold the lids in place. As a bonus, all the pieces are washable and reusable.
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Sure, lots of places, like this. Or this. They're not suitable for actual preservation, but they're fine as plain lids.
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(These) are linked from that page, and I've used them successfully with homemade lotion/balm. They aren't useable for canning, at least not heat-pack canning (i.e., where you boil the jars of preserves or use a pressure cooker to achieve a vacuum), but I have re-used those very same lids for food storage, after a thorough wash of course.
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Best answer: Anyone who decides to reuse the jar for canning will buy a new lid for it, regardless of whether or not the lid is still in 2 pieces or you've glued the lid and ring together. So if you want to use these jars you already have, go ahead and do whatever you'd like to the lids.
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Response by poster: thanks guys. i'm going to use a non toxic super glue on them as they have cute metal lids. i appreciate the other links though.
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Unfortunately for wide-mouth jars the only single-piece lids I've found are either the plastic kind (not cute) or these from Fillmore Container.
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Craft stores carry tons of one-piece jar lids, including wide-mouth. Here's a food-safe black lid, for example.
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