Birthday cake me, bitch
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I want to get something like this cake for my husband's birthday on September 20th, which happily coincides with the second to last episode weekend. Is there a bakery in NYC that will do this for me?
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Take that picture to your neighborhood cake bakery and ask. Even the supermarket might do it (if they have an in-house bakery.) Whole Foods did a Tardis cake for my Fairy God-daughter. So try there.

Most cake bakers like to do stuff like this and frankly, duplicating that cake should be....cake!
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Response by poster: (I should have mentioned Breaking Bad instead of just putting it in the tags!)
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Some NYC bakeries that specialize in this sort of thing are Ruthys, Cakes and Shapes, and Perfect Cake.
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That blue sugar glass is going to be the hard might even be a make it yourself thing. Ditto for all the lettering/images...the sharpness of them makes me think they're printed (they have special inks/papers for this but I have only seen it available at Baskin Robbins) Long story short that is going to be a hard cake to reproduce...lots of techniques that most bakeries just don't do. (Though it seems to be on a fondant base...there's a lot of places that do this) Be prepared for compromise. You might check the Cupcake Cafe in Midtown west...they mostly just work in buttercream (mostly floral designs) but they also have a large portfolio of more unusual work like this...
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The square cakes themselves (the ones with the letters) would actually not be hard to replicate. They used fondant (which looks nice and smooth, but tastes terrible), to cover the cakes, and just cut the letters and numbers out of white fondant using a stencil.

As a DIY, you could make two matching dark chocolate cakes in 8x8 or 9x9 pans and then use a stencil to make the letters on top of the cake. You can use a stencil for Walt, too. Another woman who made an awesome Breaking Bad cake swears by this stencil guy on Ebay. She also shows, step-by-step, how she did it on that blog I linked. Caveat: As I personally hate working with fondant, I haven't tried this myself!

As sexyrobot said, the bottom part is trickier. I have what I would consider the best recipe for Blue sugar glass candy (blue meth) available to man, and yet it, like Heisenberg's famed formula, does not always yield perfect results. The recipe is dependent on temperature and timing. If I were you, I'd try making a couple batches myself, even if you do end up ordering the cake, because while I am sure you can find someone to make that blue meth candy for you, I am not sure a bakery is even the best place for that kind of work. Seems like more of a candy specialist is what you want.
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You can buy the Heisenberg blue meth candy separately and add it to the basic-shaped cake later.
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