Accessible resources on ADHD management
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I'm looking for resources about managing ADHD for people with ADHD that would be accessible to a highly literate, intelligent 11 year old. I'm thinking books, videos, etc that provide specific strategies for managing daily life. Kid already has medical management, professional support, medication, and loyal and loving community. But at this point, she has a lot of responsibilities that she needs to be beginning to take the lead on herself, and she needs more tools for managing those responsibilities - things like bedtime routine, schoolwork, navigating social relationships, etc.

Unlikely to be useful (given that she is 11, already diagnosed, and on medication that is as effective as any is going to be at this point):
- stuff focused on self-diagnosis
- stuff focused on medication options or medication generally

I'm really just looking for places she can learn specific tips on how to manage daily responsibilities and longer term planning when you're ADHD. The more specific and practical, the better.
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As the parent of two kids with this, and having ADD myself, I think I'd have her parents read the usual books and then help her with a plan of action, schedule and so on. I'm not really sure that an 11 year old can take the lead. She can decide what her priorities are, her extra-curriculars (big muscle exercise is really useful) and so on. My kids liked the Survival Guide for Kids with ADD but it might be too simplistic for her.
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The Girls' Guide to ADHD is a book that some of the kids I've worked with have found helpful.
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For helping her learn to navigate school issues I like "Keeping a head in school" by Mel Levine.
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She's only 11 years old? When my kids were 11 years old, without ADHD, they were kids - children - only thinking they were all grown up sometimes, playing with kiddie toys the next. They're not ready to manage much in the way of daily responsibilities and long-term planning at the age of 11, with or without ADHD.

I'd say give her a break and don't expect so much of her until she's 30 or so.
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