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So, there's a particular flavor of music that I like, but there's a lot of music in its genre that doesn't scratch my itch. Pandora gives me too broad of a variety, and I'm not enough of an aficionado to know the specific subgenre, or labels, to search for. Some examples I like are Wounds by Masterplan, and Starfall by Dragonland. I think my tastes generally fall under "power metal", but a specific variety of it, and I don't have a name for that subcategory.

Key features, as I see them:
-Inspirational, energetic pace
-Clear, triumphant melodies, often but not exclusively in a major key
-Lack of growly/screamy vocals
-Expressive electric guitars (as in the solo sections of Wounds and Starfall)

Also, suggestions on other sources to find music that's up my alley, and maybe advice on how to better label my tastes, would be appreciated - this track from the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack nails the "clear triumphant melodies" and "expressive electric guitars" criteria, but I don't know of an umbrella that groups it with my other two example songs without including basically everything with electric guitars in it.
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I don't know the name of the genre besides "power metal," but you might like Dragonforce.

(I flippin love this song btw, it's classic!)
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Also, if Pandora isn't doing it for you, try You can search for related artists there.
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Glam Metal. In all it's glory.

Check out Loud Lion
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Powerglove. It's video game and carton theme covers, but I have a feeling that will be OK with you.
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You'd probably like Dream Evil (power metal) and/or Rhapsody of Fire (symphonic power metal).
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Sounds like Edguy.
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No idea what it's called, but the Wikipedia entry for the lead singer of the Masterplan song you linked (Jorn Lande) calls it "melodic power metal", for whatever that's worth. He has been in several other bands. His solo work (as simply "Jorn") is probably in line with what you are looking for.

Something Real
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Best answer: Every Noise at Once may help you find more music that you like.
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Best answer: You'd probably like Helloween. They sometimes have a similar sound to the tracks you've posted and are kind of one of the original power metal bands. Unfortunately, there isn't really a term totally representing what you're looking for, but if you explore the power metal genre you should find lots of things that you'll enjoy. Bands from continental Europe or Japan are probably most likely to have the kind of sound you're looking for.

(As far as game soundtracks go, you might enjoy some of the Guilty Gear X soundtrack — it's the expressive guitariest game soundtrack that I can think of.)
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For something on the chunkier end of the PM spectrum, can't go wrong with Manowar.
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Best answer: Edguy's frontman is one of the participants in Avantasia, a supergroup whose sound is kiiinda similar to the artists you linked.

A possibly more accurate match: are you familiar with Sonata Arctica?
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