Good temporary agencies in NYC?
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I am looking for recent, first-hand recommendations for good temporary agencies in NYC (beyond the three mentioned in this thread). I have a background in nonprofits, but I cannot limit myself to niche agencies. I would also (secondarily) welcome current insight into the temp world. Thank you! At least I know Excel this time around
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I used Access Staffing, and they found me a temp-to-perk position in about 2-3 weeks. They're located by Grand Central.
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What kind of work are you looking for?

I have worked with or for (as a temp, an employee, or as a client who needs temps) for a few agencies.

Robert Half is the parent company of Office Team (purely administrative temps) AccountTemps (finance & accounting)... they also have a legal, a creative and a technology division, too. They are a huge international agency, and they have a MASSIVE centralized database of temps to draw from (hence why in the previous AskMe, a recruiter from another state would have called someone who asked to work in NYC). The benefit of this model is that they do get a ton of job orders, and if you have cross-marketable skills, you may be able to work with a few different divisions. The downside is that their business model demands a huge markup, so oftentimes a temp working for them will make a few buck less per hour than if that particula client had gone to a smaller agency who might have the flexibility to take a smaller markup.

Adecco is another huge agency - you can apply many of the same pros and cons to Adecco as you would to Robert Half.

Ajilon is a bigger agency, but not a massive corporation. They tend to staff heavily in the Administrative and Accounting field (their finance and accounting division is called "Accounting Principals").

Smaller agencies with good reputations in NYC that I can think of are:
Solomon Page (one of the biggest local firms - phenomenal reputation)
Career Group (great reputation)
GloCap (never worked with them, but friends have had great luck with this agency)
Atrium is great
Greystone is small, but seems to pay higher than other agencies (mostly admin/customer service/healthcare work)

Good luck!
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A few years ago, I used Atrium Staffing. I went on two interviews a few days after my intake, and got an offer on the second position. (I ended up turning it down for the job that I'm at now, however.) But they were great, and I would highly recommend them.
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Oh hi I'm temping right now.

I haven't had as good luck with Atrium myself (unless this time of year just sucks, and they don't know me all that well). I suspect that this week may still be slow, and things will pick up after Labor Day.
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In 2010-11 I went on a couple of assignments from Temporary Staffing by Suzanne, one of which led to a permanent position. They were wonderful. Really sweet and helpful people and they found assignments for me almost immediately. After my first one ended I only had a day or two of downtime before they sent me to my second gig. They are careful to place you in assignments that will be of interest to you, and upon letting them know I was looking for permanent employment in the nonprofit sector, that's where they placed me. I highly recommend them. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone for their help! For the benefit of other jobseekers, here are the places I've applied so far, including some from Time Out's giant list.

Temporary Alternatives. Mostly admin. Quick response and interview invite.
Temporary Staffing by Suzanne. Per marshmallow peep above. Auto-response, but from a human.
Merlin Associates. Rad website.
Taylor Hodson
Adecco. Per waterisinfinite above.
Access Staffing. Per queens86.
Atrium. Per roomthreeseventeen and waterisinfinite.
Core Staffing
Professionals for Nonprofits

This is New York, people! We have to hustle! ;-)
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