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Android App Search Question: I'm looking for a specific type of Android app (a music player which has a large "time elapsed" display). I'm new to the world of apps, and am completely confused as to how to sort the apps in the Play Store and even begin to narrow down the options. It looks like the only search criteria are "Free" or "Paid" - either way, I get like a bajillion returns. Am I missing something? How do folks either (a) narrow down your searches, or (b) navigate the overwhelming choice?
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I don't know, when I put in "music player large time elapsed display" into the Google Play search bar, I got ONE app, "Music Player for Pad/Phone. I have no idea if it is any good.
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Honestly, I go on the internet and search for 'best android app for ...', then go to google play and type in the name of the best one. Once you find approximately what you're looking for, it shows related apps at the bottom so you can browse through the relevant ones.

I'm a bit of a luddite though.
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I wouldn't describe myself as a luddite... but I pretty much do what valoius does. You can narrow down the apps by category, but beyond that it's just free vs paid - no useful sorting or anything. The play store interface just sucks like that.
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Yeah - Google it. The Play store itself is basically useless in terms of discoverability. It is helpful to read reviews there, however.
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I found to be a good resource for best of apps. Top Five and Top app are regular features vor a wide range of topics
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In addition to the Googling and the "related apps" at the bottom of each app that valoius suggests, sometimes I just have to download 2-4 of the free apps and try them out. Often the paid apps also have a free version, which is either a limited-time trial or ad-supported. Once I've figured out which one of those I like, I'll buy the paid version, if there is one, and delete the others.
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