Looking for sturdy computer desk / cart for lab use.
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I manage an academic lab with a lot of equipment, each with its own computer rig on a separate cart. We are looking for better computer desks / carts to replace the cheap particleboard ones we have now. Ideally, we'd like something small (2' x 3' or smaller), durable (will last ~5 years), and not too expensive ($100, but we could go higher for the perfect solution). Ideally, we'd like something with casters. Even better would be a desk / cart that includes a monitor arm for dual monitors, to free up desk space. Most of what I've found is either very cheap and shoddy or very expensive. Has anyone seen the perfect computer cart?
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Best answer: Perfect computer carts are made by Anthro. They're not cheap, because they're perfect. Specifically, you want their AnthroCart line.

That may sound like hyperbole, but as a guy who has used/seen all kinds of computer furniture for the last 20 years, I can tell you that Anthro stuff is exceptionally well made, VERY durable, and very customizable. I've been using the same Anthro Cart/desk since 1998 (with upgraded casters) and I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. Buy one now and sell it in ~5 years, and you may only be out that $100 total.
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Best answer: Yeah, as someone who has bought an anthro cart after buying cheap 100$ stuff, there isn't anything good and cheap. I did find mine at a used office furniture store (lots of big cities have them) but at that is was still about 250 for my medium sized one (about 2x4). I have found that you either get the cheapy wal-mart stuff or the really expensive professional stuff and their isn't anything in between (maybe because of the used market?). Something that will work is a mechanics cart, but these aren't cheap either at around 150-200 for a basic one from sears (and they don't work perfect for a computer).
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Response by poster: Thanks. We just ordered an AnthroCart and will see how it performs. For folks in the sciences, VWR stocks them.
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