Name That Group/Album [early 1990s LA gangster rap edition]
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Looking for the name of a group and their album from Compton (I think). Google-fu has failed.

I vividly remember having a CD in 93-95 of a "gangster rap" group out of Compton (or somewhere in LA). I thought they had Compton in the name of the group, but I've struck out on Google.

Things I remember: the CD's artwork was a closeup of a map of Compton (I think), along with the cliche pictures of guns, etc. I don't think the artists appeared on the CD cover. It was very much a copy of N.W.A.'s sound and delivery.

I know it isn't Compton's Most Wanted (MC Eiht, etc.).

Any help?
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Above the Law?
posted by chrchr at 8:06 AM on August 22, 2013

What about other NWA related acts? Like MC Ren or The D.O.C.?
posted by mathowie at 8:38 AM on August 22, 2013

Rate Your Music doesn't have many bands with "Compton" in the name that sound like the ones you're looking for, beyond Compton's Most Wanted.
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Best answer: Maybe South Central Cartel? But I don't think they have cover art that matches your description
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Response by poster: Nice one, Hoopo!

South Central Cartel is it.

By the way, in the background of the "'N Gatz We Truss" album is a map of (I'm guessing) LA.
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