Strict Pomodoro Enforcing for Safari
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Is there a way to implement selective Pomodoro-timed site-blocking in Safari?

I have and love the Strict Workflow extension for Chrome. It's perfect! It has a configurable timer, and it blocks the sites I want to ignore (like Twitter and Metafilter) while leaving the rest of the internet available to me for research and communicating with colleagues as I'm writing.

Just one problem: Chrome has become slow and buggy as all get out, so I've moved back to Safari. Is there an extension or program that can do this selective site-blocking in Safari, too?
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Best answer: It's not an automatic timer, and it doesn't just affect Safari, but I am a big fan of Self Control (the app, not the thing), which can do either whitelist or blacklist.
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Response by poster: Hmmmm, it looks promising, but it's a shame that the timer only goes in 15-minute increments.
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Best answer: I'm not sure about something Safari-specific, but I've had good luck with Concentrate (which lets you configure blocking across your entire system and has timer customization).
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Best answer: Oh, I wish I had seen your response sooner. You can customize those things with Self Control.
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Response by poster: Oh wow! Then Self Control looks about perfect!

Concentrate looks like a great option, too, if a little... overengineered for my needs. But this might be a lack of imagination on my part. I'm going to think about use cases for it, it juuuuust might wind up being something I need. :)
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