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I have a Quebec high school diploma. I want to apply for to distance learning programs provided by schools based in other Canadian provinces, but since Quebec high school ends at grade 11, I'm missing a whole slew of pre-requisites I'd already have under my belt if I had done grade 12...

I'm especially concerned about science courses, such as grade 12 level math/physics/chem as well as English. I would like to take these courses online or through distance learning, and would like them to be acceptable credits for these prerequisites for institutions across Canada. I would like to start ASAP.

I've been focusing mainly on applied science/technology programs in Alberta, so I guess I'm specifically talking about courses like Math 30-1 and English Language Arts 30-1. I know some schools offer academic upgrading courses that are for admission purposes for that particular institute only, but I would like to be able to use these credits to apply to multiple programs/schools.

I've been searching online all morning and am confused and overwhelmed. Does anyone here know anything about this sort of thing?
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Did you get Math 536 or, in the new terminology, TS/SN (the hard stuff)? From the Math 30-1 curriculum, they are basically equivalent (pre-calc).
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Best answer: Have you seen the Distance Learning Portal for Quebec? I think taking official DEC courses would be your best bet, but the surest way to know is to call/email three institutions you might apply to and ask them all.
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First thing to do is contact the admissions departments for say your top three choices. Admissions will have a department dedicated to letting you know what you need to take to meet the requirements and more importantly you may find that your quebec 11 is granted admissions equivalence to alberta 12.
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Lots of universities, particularly in Quebec and Ontario have qualifying year (q-year) bridging programs, for students like you who may lack prerequisites. Talk to the admissions departments at the places you want to apply. Most of them will have options for folks in your situation.

There's nothing yet which beats a phone call.
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Response by poster: For clarification:

Yes, I have done Math 536, but I was told by two places that Cal 1 is actually the equivalent to Math 30 (or 80% equivalent, something like that).

I'm (probably) not going to be applying to university undergraduate programs, but rather short technical diploma/certificate programs.

I'm a 31 year old full time worker with nearly 10 years experience in a technical field, but without the technical educational background. I want to do a program to ensure my future employability, but I've already got my foot in the door.

Other tidbits: I have not completed a DEC from a Quebec CEGEP, I was an independent university student in my early 20's, but did not complete (and racked up a lot of bad grades in the process).

Will stop thread-sitting now :)
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I'm assuming you're talking about Athabasca U. They advertise in Quebec and everywhere else in Canada so they're obviously familiar with your issue.

Whatever upgrading they offer will be acceptable if you should transfer- I can't imagine why this would not be the case. FWIW we handle transfer credits from Athabasca here (U of Calgary; I'm sociology undergrad director so I see these almost daily) and they're never a problem vs (sometimes) US junior colleges, and since some, maybe many, Athabasca undergrads have had to do HS upgrading, I'm going to assume that the upgrading sets them up for transfers too. I've never heard of anybody transferring credits from Athabasca being told that we can't admit them because they don't have Math 30.
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