Storing info about images of paintings?
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What's a good way to keep track of information about images of paintings I've downloaded (artist, title, year, museum, and so on)?

This great post about downloadable images from the Getty prompted me to save a few images to my hard drive. But then I end up with a plain jpg that has no info about the artist, title, year, museum, and so on.

I'd love a good way to tie the info to the image.

I could probably do something like copy the info into file comments, or create a folder for each image and save an HTML copy of the museum's webpage into the same folder with the JPG, but those approaches seem cumbersome and suboptimal.

iPhoto seems way too slow and bloated for something like this.

I am not interested in an online solution; I want something I can use locally on my OS X Mac.

Free and easy to use would be great.

Something lightweight that integrates well with Spotlight and allows easy browsing would be ideal.

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Best answer: Kexi is a FOSS database system that supports images.
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you can install and run Wordpress on your mac, which runs as your "web server"

it's free, and there are many many free themes that can do lots of different things.

it's possible and easy to do because of MAMP:
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Best answer: Evernote might be a lightweight solution if simple broad text searches are sufficient; I don't know if it would let you create separate indexable, searchable fields for year, artist, etc. but it would give you a more manageable way to store image + title + related text than dumping it all in a folder.
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I've never really found a great way of doing this. In the meantime, I've been simply storing everything in the filename, for example "Artist - Title of Work (date).jpg". It's a bit clunky but it's also super simple and easy. If I ever need more information, it's usually just a quick web search away.
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