How do I find the Chinese weather forecast from CCTV online?
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Hello, Someone told me that a good way to practice Chinese pronounciation is to try to imitate the Chinese weather forecast from CCTV. I'm having some difficulty navigating the CCTV page.

Please advise me on the following:

-What URL will allow me to view the Chinese weather forecast (in Mandarin)?
-On what schedule will the weather forecast appear?
-Is there any recorded footage available on Youtube that I could use to practice pronounciation?

Thanks for any help on the above.
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You can see the CCTV weather forecast here. It's updated daily (on China time), but I don't know exactly what time the new video shows up. You can find this page and many more by searching for "CCTV 天气预报", "中央台 天气预报", or "新闻联播天气预报".
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I can suggest an alternative to you: Fluentu. It's a kind of unique approach to language learning that uses captions on videos and you can control the pace to some extent. It started with Chinese and apparently will soon offer other languages. I presume you could search for some newscasts if that's the type of material you are specifically interested in.
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You guys rock! That's exactly the information I was looking for.
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