Help me get started writing a REST interface in Java.
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Help me get started writing a REST interface in Java.

I have a couple years of experience programming (ruby/javascript/python/bash, most recently) but I haven't done any serious work in Java in a few years, and my knowledge is way behind at this point. I'm mostly familiar with the language but I don't know what is the best tooling – e.g., maven, libraries, etc. Right now I'm interested in writing a REST interface for a web app for editing RTF documents. I want to write the backend for this in Java mostly as an excuse to refresh my Java knowledge; I also plan on using MongoDB for educational reasons. Can you point me to a useful guide for someone with my experience level to get started? Thanks!
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Apache CXF and the JAX-RS framework would probably be a good place to start.
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Maybe too low level for what you're looking for, but I've found the Google gson library useful.
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You want dropwizard, assuming you want the entire web server+rest api+db stack.
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As far as tooling goes, I get the idea that a lot of people have issues with Maven, but nothing else has really emerged to replace it. I may be wrong about that. Your IDE choices are basically Eclipse and NetBeans (free) and IntelliJ (a limited version is free, the full version is a commercial product). I am sure that some Java devs somewhere just use a text editor, but most people use one of these 3 IDEs.

Eclipse has a plugin architecture, so you can use Maven, for example, right there, with the m2eclipse plugin. Maybe that's not as good as learning it on the command line but it (mostly) works.
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