Teaching positions around the U.S.?
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Are there any websites that show reliable listings of middle/junior/senior high teaching positions throughout the U.S.? Public or private. Specifically in my case, positions in Secondary English/Language Arts.
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Best answer: Schoolspring.com? You can narrow to grade level, but not subject area I don't think.
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Teachers-teachers.com lets you narrow by geographic area and grade.
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Teach Georgia
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Not teaching-specific, but you can do a nationwide search on indeed.com, which aggregates listings from different sites. Here's a search for "secondary English teacher."
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Have you seen edjoin.org? I know most California districts are on there and looks like it has expanded nationwide. You can search by keyword or by position.
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Carney Sandoe requires that you apply, but they recruit for a wide variety of schools and positions.
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K12jobspot.com allows you to search by location, etc.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, all answers are best!
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