Neighborhoods and furnished or semifurnished apartments in San Francisco
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What are your favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco for living, working, experiencing the city and SF life? And any suggestions for cool, interesting, off-beat housing options aside from standard corporate housing for temporary but longish term relocation? (1 year)

My wife and I are relocating to San Francisco for a work related relocation deal. We're looking for furnished or semi-furnished as the relocation is temporary for 1 year (at least initially). Wondering if the good folks here at Metafilter have suggestions or interesting ideas other than the obvious corporate housing type options for both housing tips and locations? Our budget is fairly generous. Initially thinking the usuals: Potrero Hill, Dog Patch, Hayes Valley etc
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Where will you be working, and will you be relying on a car for commuting, or Muni/BART?
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Response by poster: Financial district - Bike/Bart/Muni
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I lived in San Francisco a couple summers ago, working in the Financial District but living in the Mission. It was a very short, painless commute on BART to work, and there was plenty of bus and Muni access as well, which made exploring all over the city easy. I fell madly in love with the history and culture and food (omg the food) of the neighborhood, and I still miss it like crazy. My apartment was kind of skeezy so I can't really recommend it, but I would think that there are other good options in that area.
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Best answer: I think you're going to be most limited by available housing stock, particularly if you want a furnished place. Rental housing in San Francisco is always tight, but doubly so the last couple of years. Rents are very high. Does your job offer help finding a place?

Your list of "usual places" doesn't match my experience of San Francisco. Potrero Hill is interesting but has terrible public transit. Dogpatch is the middle of nowhere, and while it has its charm it's very isolated. Lots of Hayes Valley is a "bad neighborhood", although there's certainly good stuff.

I'd look for somewhere along one of the Muni streetcar lines or else the BART stops (16th and Mission, 24th and Mission, Glen Park). The Mission (preferably west of Mission Blvd) is the hip and trendy area, but still kind of funky and ratty. Noe Valley is where quiet families in their 30s and 40s live, it's very pleasant. The Castro is not just for gay people any more and is pretty good. Cole Valley is also an interesting option; near the Haight, but not too near.

I have a feeling the corporate apartment rentals will mostly be in Mission Bay / SoMA. That's not a bad thing really, but being such a new neighborhood it's a bit sterile.
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Response by poster: Thanks Nelson

Yeah the company is providing relocation and housing assistance which is pretty generous, thus we have many options. We're interested in see what our options are other than the standard corporate type places ... which might be fine for a while. Lets say you had the option to live anywhere in San Francisco that is 30 min approx. to the financial district. Where would you pick?
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I picked Noe Valley, a few years ago. It's quiet and mellow and comfortable. If you're near Church Street the J-Church is a reasonable way to get downtown. If I were younger and hipper I'd pick the Mission, somewhere near Dolores Park.
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Best answer: I live on the border of Nob Hill / Russian Hill and have a 20 to 30 minute walk to and from my job in FiDi. I love my neighborhood for many reasons, not least of which is that I can walk almost anywhere I want to go in the city.
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This probably won't help you find year-long lodging, but airbnb could be an interesting way to find shorter term, furnished places if you'd like to experience a neighborhood without committing for the full year.

Also, browsing the interior photos may give you another data point for what rentals are like in a particular neighborhood, though there will be a lot variation obviously.
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Best answer: Given those criteria, I would probably pick Noe Valley (near the J Church, so including down Church St.) or Duboce Triangle. There are also a lot of new places opening in SOMA. Alternately, if you prefer your neighborhood a bit quieter and more residential, check out Glen Park.

Potrero and Dogpatch don't have great public transit, although if you're near 3rd St in Dogpatch that should work. Hayes Valley is also a good choice. I wouldn't describe is at all as a "bad neighborhood."
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Best answer: I'd look for somewhere along one of the Muni streetcar lines

I'm assuming you mean Muni Metro, not the cable cars. Although I take a regular Muni bus every day and it's just peachy. There are definitely some Muni lines that are nicer than others. I take the 1 and my fiance takes the 10 or 12, both of which are relatively clean. The 47 and 49 are another story however.

My boss lives in Hayes Valley and it's really cute. It apparently was kinda dumpy about 10 years ago but not anymore. I live in Nob Hill which is very convenient to work and very cute, but it can be very pricey to get a place that has any space or natural light. Noe Valley is definitely nice. The Mission is "hip" but it's still a tad grungy for my taste, and the main drags (Mission, Valencia) are super packed with people all the time.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great suggestions, cautions, and tips. I have enjoyed staying in South Park as well ... lots of great option. Hmmm.
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When are you relocating? I have a friend in Glen Park who is renting out her cute, furnished, two-bedroom house (with backyard) starting later this month. Memail me if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with her.
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I noticed today that a nice-looking building in my neighborhood is leasing furnished corporate apartments: The Suites on Nob Hill. I don't know anything about this building in particular but it's a good neighborhood. The place is a block away from Le Beau, two blocks from Trader Joes, and four blocks from cute restaurants and such on Polk. It's also right on the 1-California bus line and near several other lines.
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