Calling liver lovers
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Today I was given a whole beef liver from a hormone free, grass raised calf.

Give me your best recipes!

While I lubs me some liver and onions, there must be more.
Also, what to drink with your liver dinner.

Surely there's someone out there that likes liver.
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oh man! what you really want to do is slice that liver up into pieces about 2/3" thick, brush 'em in olive oil, maybe some salt and pep, and grill 'em at fairly low heat and then eat 'em with baked potatoes and one of these.

otherwise maybe you could make bacon-liver pate or this Kerala-style liver fry.

Julia Child says to serve bourdeaux with liver, and i bet beaujolais would work just as well.

also, you could go Hannibal-style and pan-fry that liver with a side of fava beans that you've blanched and sauteed in butter.
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Beef Liver Curry!!
(ingredients in comments)

For almost every spicy, rich, curry you'll be wanting an ale - a nice India Pale Ale.
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How about fancy Venetian style liver & onions aka fegato alla veniziana? You cannot top the classics.
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In my house, you'd coat it with copious amounts of olive oil, salt, pepper, and paprika. Then you can grill it, broil it, or pan fry it. It makes good sammich meat when cooled and sliced thin/ner.
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Bacon and onion slices in a skillet on medium high, when lightly browned add sliced liver and cook quickly, three to four minutes per side. Pour in two tablespoons of dry sherry and a pat of butter and let simmer for two minutes, season with salt and pepper and dig in.
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While I lubs me some liver and onions, there must be more.

If it weren't for this comment, I'd be behind bearwife's recipe 100%. Onions (well caramelized, don't skimp on that step, it actually will take an hour and it will be worth it) and really good vinegar are the correct thing to serve on liver. I'm not a purist on most things but that combination is so good there's no sense fucking with it.

But if you're looking to get away from onions for some reason, go for figs and bacon. Chop the bacon, fry it up; chop the figs, throw them in; add some red wine and let it simmer until it's all nice and soft. Cook the liver like you normally would (which if you ask me oughta mean thin slices, hot pan, brief sear, do not overcook) and serve with a dollop of fig gunk on top.
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Oh my goodness -- before you fry it up, let it soak in some buttermilk for at least an hour. Divine.
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Also I love love love liver and I don't know a single soul in real life who does.
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Sliced thin like steak, dredged in flour and pepper, fried in bacon fat, eaten hot.
I'm envious.
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I will as an exception self-link to my food blog, 'cause the 'liver' entry is lengthy (I'm discussing Marcella Hazan's method with liver, and some TV cooks) and it should be made visible here, somehow, that anything you do to sliced liver, cooking-wise, should be short..

Sooo. In this entry, I also only discuss liver and onion, Venetian style, but I add some thoughts on cutting and cleaning away the membranes that might be of interest.

Any good quality dry white wine would do. Like a good Vernaccia di San Gimignano, if that's at all available.
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Beef liver tacos. I like to do mine with onion, jalapenos, queso Oaxaca, and some salsa roja. Dredge the liver and fry in bacon fat (or get some pork belly and make Chicharrones and add them to the tacos as well!). You can always go with crema rather than Oaxaca cheese if you prefer.

I like to pair mine with an Imperial IPA (Stone Ruination comes to mind), but something like a nice Amber ale or even a well done Pilsner would work.

Whatever you do, enjoy that liver! It's insanely healthy for you.
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