When can I see the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer?
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I was among the unfortunate many who was not able to attend to Doctor Who panel at SDCC 2013 and thus did not have the pleasure of viewing the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer; I know Steven Moffat made it abundantly clear that he did not want to see anyone leaking the trailer, so I'm not really expecting to see any pirated versions. I guess the question I'm trying to ask is: When will the BBC allow the trailer to be public?
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Probably at the TV screening of the Dr Who proms - Aug 26 - is the next sensible window. No information, just that' the next 'event'
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Only the BBC can give a definitive answer, but the screening of the proms is the next logical "event" where there is an excuse to release the trailer. The anniversary special is more than three months away, so it wouldn't surprise me if the trailer didn't come out until mid-September.

On preview, ewan beats me to the proms.
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